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SAP extends the maintenance period for its standard software

Herzogenrath, 8th January 2015. – SAP has extended the maintenance period for standard ERP software and Business Suite up until 2025. SAP should like to offer its customers more planning security with the extended maintenance period and long-term protection of their investment. Those customers who wish to purchase used SAP software will also profit from this.  The fee for new contracts remains constant here until 2015 at 22%, for contracts already in existence this upper limit is extended until 2020. Even if cloud-based solutions are the future trend for some manufacturers, it is nevertheless important for user companies to decide for themselves, when, whether and at what interval they wish to implement the change from an on-premise product to a...



HRC Düsseldorf prohibits provision for SAP reactivation fee

Herzogenrath, 15 December 2014. – With a verdict from 25.11.2014 the higher regional court (HRC) of Düsseldorf has forbidden and deemed illegal a major German software manufacturer′s Terms and Conditions clause regarding the so-called ″reactivation fee″.  Found within the terms and conditions for the transfer and care of standard software was a clause that obligated the customer to pay a reactivation fee should they wish to make use of care services for used software licences. Below is a description (of several) from the terms and conditions: ″Furthermore, SAP may charge for reactivation, the amount of which SAP will state upon request.″ In the opinion of the HRC this clause violates general terms...



Software volume licensing may be sold separately

BGH Judgment of 11 December 2014The judges have stated thereby that used software may be sold separately, if it has been acquired as a Volume License. In the years-long dispute between software vendors and companies dealing with used licenses, finally there is a legal certainty on the table. On 11 December 2014, the German Federal Court (BGH) has ruled that also the volume licenses may be sold separately.     ...



SAP Software HANA on the second-hand market

Herzogenrath, 31 October 2014. – The Software-Group SAP has developed its own data base, HANA, and has presented it, for the first time, in 2010. After about three years since its availability, the first user issued the software as used software.The market leader for business software, SAP AG, entered a new business field once its own development of a database has been done, going in competition with other database vendors, such as Oracle and IBM. Because the SAP ERP Software works compellingly on a database, it is expected that SAP will conquer the market very quickly. SAP HANA was available, worldwide, from 2011, and is now available for the first time on the second hand market. In addition to the current SAP ERP ECC 6.0 version, susensoftware GmbH...


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