Your benefits when purchasing unused software licences

  • Quality: 100% original software licenses
  • Price: cheaper than elsewhere
  • Security: maintenance as before
  • Consistency: old contact partners remain the same

Not only the buyer purchased benefits from the trade in silent software but the vendor, dealer and by no means least of all the manufacturer.

In this way a win-win situation arises for all concerned.
Even though sometimes we are dealing with the Christmas bonus money...

benefits for our customers

Cost savings and transactions free from problems

Many arguments speak for using second-hand software licenses in your company. In the first place there is a considerable cost saving potential of up to 50% compared to buying licenses directly from the software manufacturer. As opposed to other economic goods software subjected to intensive use does not suffer any wear and tear and quality remains constant. In this way no disadvantages occur for you in using second-hand software and the savings can be invested meaningfully in another area of your company. The process of licence transfers is handled simply and quickly over the internet presence using susensoftware. Should you wish to dispose of the software again at a later date again you will notice that software is a valuable commodity.

Guaranteed Legal Certainty

With respect to the resale of used software, users often have legal concerns. The legal certainty in the purchase of used software licenses will be guaranteed by arrangement of the license transfer with the manufacturers and/or the current legal situation.

After-sales Services

In addition to the purchase of software licenses, Susensoftware also offers after-sales services in the form of maintenance services so that there are no disadvantages compared with the initial purchase of software in this area.

Needs Analysis

Before purchasing, you have the option to perform a needs or optimization analysis. Susensoftware is available for advice and assistance to interested companies with the implementation of software license management. This avoids over-licensing, which binds cash reserves that could be better used elsewhere. It also prevents sub-licensing and the legal consequences associated with it.

Selling Your Own Unused Software

With our SAP independent inventory, you may open up additional sources of revenue through the sale of your own, unused software by Susensoftware.

Improved Image

Companies that buy or sell used software licenses, are venturing down new paths and thus play a pioneering role for other companies. This helps improve your image.

Advantages for the Licensor

Customer Acquisition

The licensor can attract new customers without their own effort because users who have never worked with SAP or who considered the starting price too high get to know the benefits of the product through the acquisition of pre-owned software licenses. Through additional services, such as maintenance contracts or the purchase of a newer versions, the licensor can also retain new customers without themselves incurring expenses for advertising and customer acquisition.

Customer Loyalty

Customers who would opt for a cheaper alternative by a competitor for replacement of a software product can remain with their original licensor through the purchase of cheaper pre-owned software while not having to accept any financial disadvantages. The loyalty to the licensor is thus encouraged by the distribution of pre-owned software.

Sales Growth with Continued Maintenance Contracts

The licensor can continue to support the pre-owned software, e.g., in the form of maintenance contracts, and receive revenues that would otherwise have not be realized had the software become a hidden reserve. Pre-owned software licenses displaces illegal software. Sublicensing can be safely eliminated by purchasing pre-owned software licenses and illegal software can thus be displaced from the market in the long term.

Additional Market Research Potential

The use of pre-owned software increases the number of software users. These additional customers increase the market research potential of the licensor, for example by providing information on customer needs or complaints. These can be incorporated into the improvement management of the company.

Awareness and Brand Image

Through the resale of pre-owned software, faster product distribution is achieved and, as a consequence, the brand visibility, and thereby the visibility of the respective software, is improved.

Legal Protection for the License Transfer

Susensoftware ensures absolute legal certainty for the license transfer. No illegal software is distributed and it is ensured that remaining backup copies are deleted. Moreover, probably no software maker will exchange the legal purchase warranty rights for lease guarantees.

Opening Up New Markets

Pre-owned Software offers the licensors development of new markets by gaining new customers who otherwise might have chosen a competing product. These customers will not change the introduced system easily later and will also pay for maintenance and may purchase additional licenses and later and possibly even industry-specific software engines directly from the licensor.

Benefits for susensoftware GmbH

  • Sales Increase
  • Securing Jobs
  • :-) Increasing awareness of the CEO ("Cover Girl" Computerwoche)
  • Develop and implement innovations
  • Implementation of social projects

susensoftware is committed to social causes. In previous campaigns, proceeds of more than 4,000 Euros were realized through the sale of donated pre-owned software to benefit German Agro Action in Bonn.

In numerous press releases, susensoftware was able to publicize the successful business model. (See heading Company/Press).

'Covergirl' Computerwoche

'Covergirl' Computerwoche
(Image: Computerwoche / © susensoftware GmbH)