Do I have a loss of quality if I purchase pre-owned software?

Purchasing pre-owned software does not lead to any losses of quality for the purchaser. Software has a feature not to wear out. In fact newer versions are offered on the market, however, it does not mean that already existing software is obsolete. Of course, the older software still fulfills its purpose. The used software corresponds to the new one and can always be re-used. Therefore the “second- hand- software“ is as good as the original. A further advantage when purchasing pre-owned software is the significant cost saving compared to the purchase of current license products the quality remains the same.
A purchaser of a SAP-license would only have a loss of quality, if the purchase of the licenses did not include a maintenance contract. Our experience as well as a written statement by SAP showed that SAP offers all purchasers of used SAP-products maintenance. Thus also after the license purchase, SAP provides the customer with the reliability and quality of its products.
The maintenance of Microsoft products is subdivided into two versions. There are on the one hand supported versions with regular bug fixes, error treatment, and patches. On the other hand the no longer current versions like Windows 95 which are not supported anymore, independent of whether the software is used or new.

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