I did not receive any documents from the software manufacturer after the purchase. What does that mean?

This is a difficult answer, since there are also licenses that can only be reached or covered by a numerical code on the internet. As a rule, however, an acquisition in good faith is not possible when purchasing software licenses. When buying software, it is not sufficient, for example, to receive just an invoice or a notarial attestation. You should insist on documents or at least duplicates of the manufacturer corresponding to the licenses. Otherwise, one can assume that the ownership cannot be proven. In plain, the missing of the respective documents may mean that you do not own the licenses. As a result, you will be liable for breach of license due to under-licensing. This, as a rule, results in the licensor’s claim for indemnification in the amount of the licenses’ original price. In addition, you will be requested to purchase the licenses. In this way, you pay for them several times. But there’s even more to it. Depending on the implementation of the illegally used licenses, the profit generated with them may be skimmed off. Evidence may be difficult in a given case, but the risk remains. Absolutely no bargain for the licensee!

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