Is the support guaranteed for pre-owned software?

Primarly it is necessary to distinguish between support and maintenance. A software manufacturer offers product support on the basis of the seller’s warranties, which typically can be used without restrictions by all licensees. This includes the correction of software errors in the form of patches. In addition to this duty, several software manufactures, especially SAP, offer maintenance subject to charge. For the licensee this often leads to a more stable use of the software.

Whether maintenance is necessary, required or not provided depends on the implemented software product. In order to guarantee the quality and reliability of its software products also after the license purchase, SAP for example, consented in writing to provide the purchasers of pre-owned SAP software with maintenance. As an alternative, Susensoftware with the help of its partners, offers cost-optimised maintenance solutions for SAP R/3 systems if required.

Several are of the opinion SAP-licenses in the production, warehouse management, etc. do not require maintenance, since they are rarely subject to changes in statutory regulations – contrary to the fields of human resources management (HCM) and finance (FI/CO). With Microsoft you usually do not need any maintenance.

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