What are volume licenses?

The concept of volume licensing refers to several licenses that can be obtained by a company via a download link. The company that decides to enter into a volume licensing agreement then receives a link through which the software can be installed on computers. Here, the number of licenses purchased of course determines the number of computers that can be equipped with the software. Compared to so-called single-user licenses, no accessories (manual, CD-ROM or packaging material) is included in the volume licensing agreement.

The ECJ ruling that was handed down in the suit between usedSoft and Oracle can apply also in relation to the volume of licenses. It is also possible in this case to speak of the existence of exhaustion. In order to further support this stance, the OLG (Higher Regional Court) in Frankfurt am Main spoke in favor of possible exhaustion of volume licenses in 2012. Impermissible splitting of a volume license does accordingly not occur even when the individual licenses are "removed" for sale.

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