Who buys pre-owned software?

We believe in social market economy. Our customers are dependent – on their customers – but not on their suppliers.
Our customers if ever want to swallow competitors, but not foreign standards.
Susensoftware counts among its customers, companies from various fields, such as financial service providers, automotive suppliers, and trading companies. All companies have one thing in common: A limited budget for the area of IT, which usually decreases every year. Nevertheless, all planned projects must continue and new software needs to be bought. With the purchase of pre-owned software, these companies recognize a significant saving of costs and therefore are able for example to run projects that were not even part of the budget beofre. The liquidity of the total company could be increased; but in most cases the money is spent in the particular department. Further a pressure to change burdens on the company. Everybody expects that something will be taken from him, because it cannot keep going like that. The slogan comes up: If I use the market leader, I also want the best price. Or: If I most often rely on SAP anyway, I also want to use every possible freedom!
There is yet another reason to implement pre-owned software: Often companies do not need the latest software licenses, since their employees are rather trained to use older versions and throughout the company installed the older versions comprehensively. This concerns examples such as Windows 98 and SAP R/3. However, software manufactures do not deliver these versions anymore; Susensoftware helps.


  • Significant savings potential (up to 50%) without loss of quality, as compared with the first purchase of the software
  • The product quality remains the same (software does not wear out)
  • Purchase is legally protected due to the coordination of the license transfer with the manufacturer
  • Increase of liquidity
  • After sales services (maintenance, support) are guaranteed
  • Simple transaction due to online order system
  • Fast delivery and after sales option
  • Optimisation of business processes with regard to cost savings
  • No supply shortfalls
  • Saving of working hours
  • Prevention of under-licensing due to quality software management
  • Image enhancement

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