about susensoftware GmbH

The susensoftware GmbH has been selling used SAP and Microsoft licenses to new users or has arranged their sale since 2001. Microsoft and SAP have approved the transfer of licenses (if necessary), and SAP has offered the customers of pre-owned software maintenance for R/3 as well as mySAP ERP.

history of susensoftware

Here you find an overview of the history of susensoftware GmbH

Susensoftware trades in pre-owned software - which means purchased but unused software products. Susensoftware activates these hidden resources and arranges the sale or purchase of the software. Susensoftware has specialized in products of SAP. Our clients are various, internationally acting groups of all sectors as well as medium-sized companies with more than 500 employees. Integrated in a network of software manufactures for license management and –analysis, IT-consultants and solicitors, CEO Axel Susen provides his clients with competent answers to commercial, technical and legal questions.

principle - Axel Susen

I have founded the company in order to help other companies in the field of software license management. I want to show new procurement channels for the purchase.

We only do working businesses!

Our Intentions

  • reveal savings potential in the IT-area
  • provide competent advice for the optimization of your license management
  • guarantee legal compliance for the purchase and sale of licenses

Axel Susen, CEO

Axel Susen, CEO
(image: Axel Susen / © susensoftware GmbH)

"After almost 30 years in the IT sector, for me it is still exciting to develop new business ideas and change well-worn courses of business in an intelligent way."

Susensoftware is probably the largest independent
trader of used software by SAP in Germany.

The SAP AG is leading the German market in enterprise resource planning (ERP). ERP software is often the core element of the company; this software usually administrates all essential processes in the company, including production and accounting. One blackout or just a short interruption of the function within the ERP software can knock a company out for a while and incapacitate it. So the dependence on the implemented ERP software is huge and the dependence on a market leading or dominating software manufacturer may even be threatening for the respective company.
Many software traders act in the German market (our estimation is about 80 companies), directly or indirectly trading in SAP licenses. Susensoftware is special because the clients company does not enter into any dependence on the software giant, for example with a trader or partner agreement. The official authorization to trade with licenses, rather, results from the written and oral communication (e. g. written information about the consensual license transfer procedure thus far).