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The SAP Business Model (2/6)

Herzogenrath, 19. July 2013. - An industry or a company can hardly manage without efficient IT infrastructure including software solutions.  The future potential of flourishing industries in Germany, such as machinery and plant engineering, chemical, automotive, etc., can hardly be exploited without reliable and flexible IT landscapes.  To accomplish this, they need high-performance business management software. SAP is one of the world′s most important suppliers. As a contractual basis for software distribution, SAP uses their Terms and Conditions (AGB).SAP Market PositionThe software industry in Germany doesn′t have such a strong...



Federal Supreme Court Allows Used Software Resale According to the Rules of the European Court of Justice

Herzogenrath, July 17,  2013. - In July 2008 the Higher Regional Court in Munich (OLG, File No.: 6 U 2759/07) caused head-shaking astonishment to many IT experts and expert lawyers.  In a final decision, the trade of used software has been declared prohibited, and no revision is in principle allowed: ″The legal position is clear and unambiguous, and does not require a confirmation by the European Court of Justice, nor by the Federal Supreme Court″. The legal situation was clarified by applicable copyright law, so that further discussions and negotiations are superfluous. Five years later and two court instances in the mean time, the ECJ has clarified how to deal with used software.  ″The fact that the case has...



The SAP business model (1/6)

Why is susensoftware suing the company - Herzogenrath, 11 July 2013. - On one side there is SAP, the successful business-management software that simplifies and standardizes internal business processes and is used in many different companies. Susensoftware tentatively assumes that SAP is the global market leader and even dominates the market for company software. On the other side we have not just the users who want resell the software, but also the business model for trading in used software. Although susensoftware offers SAP products as second-hand software and also provides software maintenance services, SAP customers will find it difficult to buy used SAP software up to 75% cheaper than the manufacturer′s price list. Fear is probably a factor. However there are...



Lease instead of buy used SAP software

Susensoftware is going into the cloud - Herzogenrath, 9 July 2013 - Susensoftware has been trading used SAP licences since 2003. As of today Susen also offers SAP programmes that are leased over the internet as full service packages to introduce their users to new areas of application. At the moment the director Axel Susen is not going to transfer this service to a subsidiary: ″We first need to see if the market growth forecast is accurate. Industrial users also need to discover the advantages of an application service provider (ASP) model that is partly run in a (private) cloud. I believe in the use of distributed systems as the only way to ensure the introduction of new services is both cost-effective and functional. Ideally these services will complement the...


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