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Used software - the first digital Fairtrade product

Aachen, 4 July 2013 - Large corporations like Microsoft and SAP dominate the software market when it comes to operating systems and ERP solutions. Such a monopoly-like state is of course beneficial to the companies in question. It is thanks to the software users that these products can be traded freely on the market.  Buying and selling used software leads to (greater) competition and a new culture in the market segment, as used software is traded fairly, sustainable and cheaper than a comparable new product. Used software might be the first and only digital ″Fairtrade″ product. Software engineering firms are not as happy about this secondary market as the users. In the short term the second-hand market may create problems for...



What Happens to Publishers and Authors If a Used Ebook Market Becomes Legal

For consumers, this could be very good news indeed. Imagine seeing on an ebook’s Kindle page a link that will take you to a sell page for the exact same product for half the price. Same ebook, same user experience, even lower cost.This is already possible in the field of used software. The European Court of Justice recently ruled in the case of ″UsedSoft GmbH vs Oracle International Corp″ that it is generally allowed to sell and buy used software...



Opinion: Reselling used software

Is it allowed that a software or music licensor object the resale of so called ″used software″?According to the decision of the European Court of Justice (ECJ), the resale of ″used software″ is legal. This applies to software bought on CD/DVD as well as downloaded software. The judgment has gathered considerable attention globally. But in contrast to the ECJ judgement, 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals in New York decided that imported textbooks - in this case foreign-made copies of copyright works - can never be resold in the United States without permission of copyright owners. Another case that commenced recently in the US involves digital music. ReDiGi operates a website that allows users who’ve legally purchased...



Buying and selling secondhand software is set to become legal in the EU

(PresseBox) Frankfurt am Main, 09.07.2012 , A European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled last week that enterprises can have a legal right to resell software licenses and that software companies therefore cannot prevent (as some currently do) any resale. The verdict came after Oracle initiated the legal action against UsedSoft, a German company which resells used software licenses for approximately half price.The court also ruled that any patches or upgrades made to the software through a service agreement also form part of the used software that can be sold on. However, it said the seller must make the copy downloaded onto his own computer ″unusable″ at the time of resale.Very many large enterprise software vendors - including Oracle, SAP, IBM, SAS,...


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