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SAP Customer Upgrades to ECC 6.0: To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

March 2013 might seem like a long way off. But for those SAP ERP customers not current on SAP’s ECC 6.0 version, March 2013 is a date with significance: That’s when extended maintenance on pre-ECC 6.0 ends.For those companies still running 5.0, 4.7, 4.6 or earlier versions, the loss of extended maintenance means that they will have to move to “customer-specific maintenance.” Though the cost is not at a higher price than what they were paying for extended maintenance (which, by contrast, costs a couple percentage points more than mainstream maintenance), the customer-specific plan offers much lower levels of service, many support restrictions and potential compliance headaches.What it also signifies is that those companies are resistant...



Second-hand software licences for sale

A new market has opened for second-hand Microsoft software licences by exploiting British insolvency laws and a clause within many Microsoft licences that permits disused or unwanted volume licences to be transferred. Microsoft says the business model is, the trading name of Staffordshire-based Disclic Ltd, says it is the first and so far the only reseller of its kind.The company, which launched its service this week, finds insolvent or downsizing firms and makes their multiple-user licences available to buyers – growing organisations or those with too few licences for an existing user base. CDs do not necessarily change hands, although they are available if required; what matters more is the transfer of a right to use the...


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