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TÜV Nord reviews pre-owned SAP software

Herzogenrath, June 08, 2015 - For SAP users, the purchase of pre-owned software is often still new territory. The specialized dealer, susensoftware GmbH from Herzogenrath, has been selling pre-owned SAP products for 10 years, but has been selling rather small packages for 5 or 25 users; nevertheless, these may be valued up to € 200,000. Meanwhile, there are now increasingly large companies in the market that wish to sell large SAP license packages for strategic reasons. Susensoftware succeeded in finding the right buyer for such a large license package, worth € 1.6 million.
The software package of record size was sold to TÜV Nord. The SAP package includes a total of nearly 1,000 SAP ERP users.

Susensoftware works on behalf of various companies and has specialized in marketing pre-owned software. This includes all software products and licenses by Microsoft and SAP, which were recoverably acquired, have been written off in the balance sheet, and are no longer actively used.
Companies have already been buying pre-owned Microsoft software products in large quantities (> 500), while the trade of pre-owned software by SAP has been active since 2003, but on a rather small scale.
Now the business from Herzogenrath successfully executed a sale that can only be described as a milestone in the company′s history. Never before has a package of this size of pre-owned SAP licenses been sold. When asked about the change at this time, Axel Susen, CEO of susensoftware, responded without hesitation: ″Since 2012, lawyers have been explaining to us how pre-owned software can be purchased and finally the IT manager in companies are implementing it.″ The success proves the IT professionals right. Because after one of the biggest technical building equipment supplier, with more than 2,000 employees, transferred its SAP licenses to susensoftware for resale, the technology leader in the photovoltaic sector and PCBs, in cooperation with Susen, is now offering an SAP Business Suite software package worth almost € 2 million.

Currently (as of May 2015), the negotiations with SAP, regarding the discounting of the maintenance contracts, seem to have not yet been completed.
In this case, it may be necessary to wait for further developments for now, while another license transfer - at approximately the same time as the transfer to TÜV - was successfully completed within a very short time. In that case, the buyer, a large beverage company from the Rhineland, apparently not only negotiated a lucrative discount on the maintenance contracts for the pre-owned software, but was also able obtain a waiver of outstanding maintenance costs.

The seller, a south German leasing company, originally had three license agreements with a lessee, of which initially a single contract was to be resold. The value of the approximately 500 licenses totaled one million Euros. For the buyer, both the purchase of licenses, as well as the negotiations with SAP, seem to have more than paid off.
Axel Susen is pleased about the success: ″Many still lack confidence in pre-owned software. The fact that several large companies have now assumed a pioneering role, makes me happy. After all, nobody wants to waste resources, but instead maintain a sustainable business.″

date: 2015-06-15