How to transfer a SAP license?

Transfer of SAP licenses

Become the new owner of SAP licenses in just 4 steps
(image: SAP Logo / © SAP)
  • Reservation:
    First you reserve the required amount of SAP licenses. This incurs no further costs. Please use the reservation system on the internet. This is not an order yet. Send us the generated by the system document by fax. Please take care that it contains your contact data and that the document is signed.

  • Offer:
    We check your reservation and make a non-binding offer. Planned delivery date etc. is negotiated with the pre-owner (anonymously).

  • Order:
    You order the licenses with reservation of a SAP maintenance offer for the respective licenses (in the event that maintenance is necessary). Not until the maintenance of the licenses by SAP is guaranteed do you receive the invoice for the purchase of license.

  • Delivery:
    Contractual documents - pre-owned software by SAP: As soon as the payment is made, you receive the following documents with our folder "Contractual Documents Pre-Owned Software SAP":
    1. purchase and maintenance contract
    2. general terms and conditions of SAP of the purchase contract
    3. last invoice of maintenance
    4. confirmation of deletion
    5. transfer confirmation / purchase contract of the software from supplier to susensoftware
    6. letter of SAP informing about the change of licensee

The software is now yours.

contract folder

contract folder
(image: susensoftware contract folder / © susensoftware GmbH)

What is the risk of transferring of SAP licenses?

No risk when acquiring pre-owned software by SAP
For standard license transfers applies: The purchaser is at 100% on the safe side.