What is the risk of transferring of SAP licenses in Europe (EU)?

No risk when acquiring pre-owned software by SAP

For standard license transfers applies:
The purchaser is at 100% on the safe side, if he buys at susensoftware.
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  • Financial risk?
    Not existent, because the licenses are only effectively transferred to the purchaser after the receipt of payment.
    The purchaser receives a transparent purchase price including all extra charges like a possibly pending maintenance, provision and last but not least the fee for the pre-owner.

  • Legal risk?
    Not existent, because on request he licenses are also transferred from the licensor to the purchaser. (The transfer recognizes the purchaser e. g. by the updated maintenance invoice.)

  • Technical risk?
    Not existent, because also the pre-owned licenses can get a maintenance contract.

In the event that you have a special case or just further question, please do not hesitate to contact us or test us and by e. g. 10 licenses for a start...

May be there is a risk: Software vendors will not like you.


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