The Volume licenses

The term volume licenses describes several licenses which are bought by a software producer via a license agreement. For instance, Microsoft offers Open-License agreements or Select-agreements. Differences can mainly be found in the number of licenses. Open-License agreements are used for a small amount up to 250. In case of greater amounts the producer offers Select-agreements which are pegged to an Enterprice-agreement. For example, SAP only offers own software as volume agreements.
The delivery of a software copy is mostly carried out through an Internet download because of the software’s size. The early adopter often obtains CDs oder DVDs; the distributor kit contains approximately 170 CDs. Some of the software is installed on servers and some of it is installed on desc calculators. The company that opts for making a volume license agreement receives a link afterwards which helps installing the software on servers. Here, the amount of bought licenses naturally determines the amount of servers which can be assembled with software. Compared to so-called single-user licenses, there is no equipment (handbook, packing material, CD-ROM) included in a volume license agreement.
The verdict by the EuGH which was passed sentence in the process between usedSoft and Oracle is also applicable to volume licenses. So, it is possible to speak of an inventory of exhaustion. In order to consolidate this basic attitude the OLG in Frankfurt am Main declared itself 2012 in favour of volume licenses. Thus, a permissible splitting of volume license also exists if single licenses are “taken” from it for sale. However, e.g. the splitting of Access-licenses of accompanying servers or the seperation of Microsoft Word from a Microsoft Office package is forbidden. Example: I purchase a Microsoft Windows Server including five CALs. I cannot withdraw two CALs. Reason: Look at your hands when taking the two CALs- they are empty. It is a matter of virtual right when accessing the IP address. If you cannot delete anything you cannot take it away or resell it.